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In this age of information technology, students are very well familiar with the internet and computer. So internet based education system is getting popular day by day. Continuing on the same trend, the web/internet based online exams / tests are also the latest vogue, and so the requirement of the time. We provides the means for Directors/ Exam coordinator of the educational / Training organizations to manage their online exams, and for students to take them effortlessly.

Premium Membership is the most innovative and user friendly online test platform and promises to you to help automate online examination process completely. From registrations of students to creating test paper for them by uploading of question paper on its own - everything is in your control.


Web development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or Internet. The Web development process includes Web design, Web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks. Web development is also known as website development.

Web development is the coding or programming that enables website functionality, per the owner's requirements. It mainly deals with the non-design aspect of building websites, which includes coding and writing markup. Web development ranges from creating plain text pages to complex Web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications. The Web development hierarchy is as follows:
1.Client-side coding 2.Server-side coding 3.Database technology


Software development is the process of developing software through successive phases in an orderly way. This process includes not only the actual writing of code but also the preparation of requirements and objectives, the design of what is to be coded, and confirmation that what is developed has met objectives. Before systems development methods came into being, the development of new systems or products was often carried out by using the experienceand intuition of management and technical personnel. However, the complexityof modern systems and computer products long ago made the need clear forsome kind of orderly development process.

Typical phases of software development:
1) Identification of required software 2) Analysis of the software requirements 3) Detailed specification of the software requirements 4) Software design 5) Programming 6) Testing 7) Maintenance

In general, the development of commercial software is usually a result of demand in the marketplace, while enterprise software developmentgenerally arises from a need or a problem within the enterprise environment.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the wireless non-contact use of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags contain electronically stored information. Some tags are powered by and read at short ranges (a few meters) via magnetic fields (electromagnetic induction). Others use a local power source such as a battery, or else have no battery but collect energy from the interrogating EM field, and then act as a passive transponder to emit microwaves or UHF radio waves (i.e., electromagnetic radiation at high frequencies). Battery powered tags may operate at hundreds of meters. Unlike a bar code, the tag does not necessarily need to be within line of sight of the reader, and may be embedded in the tracked object.

RFID tags are used in many industries. An RFID tag attached to an automobile during production can be used to track its progress through the assembly line. Pharmaceuticals can be tracked through warehouses. Livestock and pets may have tags injected, allowing positive identification of the animal. On off-shore oil and gas platforms, RFID tags are worn by personnel as a safety measure, allowing them to be located 24 hours a day and to be quickly found in emergencies.

Biometrics (or biometric authentication)[note 1] refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits. Biometrics is used in computer science as a form of identification and access control.[1] It is also used to identify individuals in groups that are under surveillance.Biometric identifiers are the distinctive, measurable characteristics used to label and describe individuals. Biometric identifiers are often categorized as physiological versus behavioral characteristics. Physiological characteristics are related to the shape of the body


OMR (Optical Mark recognition) is extensively used in examinations, companies, for computing scores, data, based on marks made on paper. It is more ancient when compared to OCR, ICR and OMR. It is a quick process, and hence is adopted by institutions for calibrating scores of their employees or students. Apart from being speedy and accurate, it is an easy process with no typing errors, misconceptions involved. However, OMR machines are highly selective and particular about the condition of the paper fed in, neatness, and so on. Hence programmers can load OMR software technologies for quick assessing of questionnaires, exams and other reports that involve marking. OCR, ICR and OMR are linked to each other with a thread of recognizing an input, to bring out a useful output.

ICR (Intelligent character recognition) technology is an extension of the OCR, and is more complex when compared to OCR, ICR and OMR, the simple reason being that, it is tougher to recognize human handwritten text than machine derivatives. Again, here the scanned text is reviewed and translated into machine codes like ASCII, and then co related with characters. An element of intelligence is involved in ICR, as ICR tends to think like a human when there are ambiguities and unclear segments in the text. This means that the ICR has to have an inbuilt dictionary, grammar comprehension to decide an unsure part of the text recognition process. Thus, ICR works with a human approach to the translation process of a handwritten script and is more robust when compared to OCR.


We provide online examination form filling for students so that students can fill their exam form from anywhere .They dont have to go to their college for examination form filling.

After filling online examination form, only they have to submit their final print of examination form filled by them.


Result printing of Colleges/Universities are available here.We have best quality printing Technique so that you cannot get any type of complains related to this.

Universities degree printing are also available.

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